Tucked away in the Fletcher Hills foothills, the Hacienda Recreational Club is a surprise oasis for a perfect neighborhood relaxation spot!

The Hacienda Recreational Club is a non-profit organization; and eligibility for membership has always been based upon geographical location within the Fletcher Hills neighborhood as outlined in the club charter. As such, the club members are a wonderfully diverse community with one common interest: FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD FUN – as provided by summer time swimming and year round tennis!

The Hacienda Recreational Club traces its roots to the mid-1960s, when the Fletcher Hills neighborhood quickly took strong hold as a friendly and outgoing community. In addition to the welcoming homes, a recreational facility was envisioned to provide the local residents with a neighborhood swimming pool and tennis court. This vision was realized through the planning efforts and hard work of thirty-six dedicated families. The Ed Fletcher Company had set aside a 3-acre tract to be developed into a recreation site – which had the added benefit of an already existing tennis court. A formal Hacienda Recreational Club charter was established and funds were raised through membership fees for construction of the pool and rest room facility on this 3-acre plot. In September 1969, the newly built pool facility was opened for the enjoyment of the club members!  

It quickly became the "Gathering Spot" for neighborhood pool parties and BBQs as well as for tennis tournaments and Ping Pong tournaments. Young and "Young at Heart" club members would sunbathe or lounge on the deck – and then jump into the refreshing water for a game of Marco Polo or to swim laps. In the summer months, a life guard service was provided to keep everyone safe.

Throughout the years, the Hacienda Recreational Club has been carefully maintained to ensure a safe and fun environment for its members. Several improvements have been made, including the addition of solar panel based heating – which keeps the water temperature delightfully comfortable! Both the pool and tennis courts have been resurfaced so that current and new members will enjoy this Recreational facility for years to come.

Today families still flock to the pool for a refreshing swim during those long, hot days of summer. The club continues to be the ideal hosting spot for great pool birthday parties, club member parties, and leisurely swims for fitness and fun as well as for competitive tennis matches. So, welcome to the Hacienda Recreational Club!